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FIBYY streaming doesn’t work on a mainstream principle. Content isn’t streamed from our servers to you. It’s shared directly between everyone. Of course, some FIBYY servers act as main nodes in the network. But everyone that uses the FIBYY platform contributes to the transmission of content. This allows us to minimize maintenance costs and retain the platform as a free service.

FIBYY doesn’t run on some futuristic new technology but on industry-standard BitTorrent protocol.

The goal of the FIBYY client is to keep your upload/download ratio as close to 1 as possible, while scaling down the data stored on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

But if you want to seed content over a ratio of 1, we’ve got good news for you. If you go over a ratio of 2, you'll see closable commercials in content you haven't supported. And even better … if you go over 3, all content will be AD-FREE.


A content rating, sometimes called a maturity rating, is a tag that describes the suitability of content for its audience. You’ll all have heard of G, PG, PG-13, etc. Most countries employ a ratings system of their own, the most recognizable being the MPAA rating system used in the US. FIBYY has created its own unified rating system based on various models from around the world.

We believe tagging content is essential if we are to properly tailor content for you the user. It also helps filter content for younger audiences. Commercials are also given content ratings and adapted to the target audience.