Transparent and trustworthy

Roll up! Roll up!

People are getting behind the initial campaign and investing in it. But it hasn’t made any real money. Yet!

We’re on Air

Happy face. Your show is on air. People are watching. The money is rolling in. People are still supporting it and about to invest in the renewal campaign.

The End

Sad face. We’ve come to the end of the line and there are no more renewal campaigns. The good news, though, is the show continues to generate income for you the investor.


FIBYY Invest

Pays off your investment.



Creatives deserve a great deal. After all, without them there’d be no show. Depending on the deal, this percentage can be redistributed through other revenue channels.


FIBYY Running Costs

Pays for maintaining the platform, employee salaries, legal consultancy, etc.


Renewal Campaign

Now the show can support itself, financing the next season of your show just got a lot easier.

When a show comes to an end, the money for the renewal campaign gets redistributed among the creatives, investors and the FIBYY platform itself. That’s 10% for the creatives, 10% toward development of the FIBYY platform, and 18% for you, for making it all happen.